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Welcome to Nostalgiclinks!

Nostalgiclinks is an online cufflinks store.  It’s a Canadian one-woman company thoughtfully created one day in October 2006 in Vancouver, BC.  The name comes from the word nostalgia, which means “A sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time”. 

Everything is personally discovered, chosen and hand crafted by myself.    I discover stylish antique & vintage cufflinks at thrift stores, estate & garage sales and sometimes the cities finest vintage clothing stores.

I handcraft cufflinks personally with antique & vintage cabochons, gemstones and other novelty items I carefully choose myself. These cufflinks with exception of the novelty are very unique and will not be found anywhere else. Please keep in mind each design is available in limited quantities only. All cufflinks sold have antique or vintage fronts and new backings, unless otherwise noted.

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Email: nostalgiclinks@gmail.com

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