Peace Cufflinks

Custom made wooden peace cufflinks. Available with gold or silver tone cufflink backs.

Cufflink measurements: 13mm x 13mm (.51″ x .51″).

The peace sign was developed by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and the V hand signal came into use around the world. It was adopted by first the 1960s anti-war movement, then the counterculture, and finally the popular culture of the time.

I handcraft cufflinks personally with antique & vintage cabochons, gemstones and other novelty items I carefully choose myself. These cufflinks with exception of the novelty are very unique and will not be found anywhere else. Please keep in mind each design is available in limited quantities only. All cufflinks sold have antique or vintage fronts and new backings, unless otherwise noted.
Peace Cufflinks with silver backings

Peace Cufflinks with gold backings

Peace Cufflinks with gold backings


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